Churfranken region

The pleasure region in the heart of Germany,
Arrive and come to rest where the Main is most beautiful.
Our invitation to you: slow down!
Experience deceleration of your everyday life during a relaxing stay
in this charming Main landscape between Spessart and Odenwald in Lower Franconia.

Bürgstadt on the Main

The picturesque Bürgstadt is one of the most important wine towns in Franconia whenever it comes to red wine. Variety and the highest quality of Franconian red wine cultivation, can be found especially in the "Börscheder", as the Bürgstadter wine is respectfully called in Churfranken.

However, Bürgstadt is even more: The lively winegrowing community is an official Bavarian Genussort, of which there are only 100 in the whole of Bavaria. 

From wine enjoyment to culinary delights - Bürgstadt stands in itself for joie de vivre. In Churfranken, however, Bürgstadt also stands for hiking culture, a great mountain bike trail and a special leisure quality.